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Board of Managers

Mark Osgood

Mark Osgood has over 40 years of experience in real estate finance and ownership. Mr. Osgood spent 20 years in real estate finance and capital markets where he was Managing Director and Head of CMBS West Coast origination at Wachovia securities until 2006. Mr. Osgood opened the Wachovia west coast offices in 1998 and ultimately grew to $8B annually by 2006. Mr. Osgood later served as Managing Director of the Global Real Estate Group at Lehman Brothers where he focused on highly structured real estate transactions for both fixed and floating rate products. In 2009 Mr. Osgood founded MDO Capital which is a real estate ownership, advisory and brokerage company. MDO Capital and its affiliates have amassed approximately 3,000 apartments, 750 mobile home park spaces and over 1,000 residential lots in addition to several office and industrial buildings. MDO Capital currently owns 2,900 build to rent units completed or in various stages of development in CA, TX, WA, CO, and TN. Mr. Osgood has focused almost exclusively on apartments and single-family rentals since 2017, given the strong fundamentals and upward pressure on rents in certain submarkets. Mr. Osgood has extraordinary relationships with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and HUD through his extensive dealings at Wachovia, Lehman, and his personal portfolio. Mr. Osgood has been involved in over $5B in agency transactions over the past 20 years through CMBS (AAA tranches), MDO Capital brokerage and direct ownership, Mr. Osgood also has numerous lending relationships with CEOs and CCOs of major lenders which provide attractive terms and certainty of close. In total, Mr. Osgood has been involved in over $45B in real estate transactions over his career. Mr. Osgood holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance degree from Arizona State University.

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