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Leading with Legacy:
Decades of Defining Excellence in Commercial Real Estate.

Our Company

CORE Pacific Advisors (CPA) is a leading investment advisory firm specializing in commercial real estate and related investments. As an affiliate of CORE Realty Holdings Management, Inc. (CRHMI), our commitment is to design and implement commercial real estate strategies that yield superior income, ensure capital preservation, and offer significant growth potential. We utilize tools like 1031 exchange offerings, encompassing Delaware Statutory Trusts and Tenant in Common structures, always upholding the highest standards of integrity, communication, and service.


With decades under our belt in acquiring, managing, and profitably selling commercial real estate across diverse market conditions, our team zeroes in on institutional-grade investments that can surpass market performance while adeptly managing risk.


Real estate is fundamentally about relationships, and this principle is at the heart of our operations. Whether it's sellers, brokers, service providers, buyers, or our valued investors, we prioritize these connections. Over the years, CPA has forged formidable relationships in the commercial real estate community and garnered the trust of countless investors across the nation.

Our Story

In the dynamic landscape of commercial real estate, CORE Pacific Advisors (CPA) embarked on a journey decades ago, with a vision to reshape the industry and set unparalleled standards in investment advisory. Founded in the beautiful coastal city of Newport Beach, California, our roots trace back to a small team of passionate real estate specialists. This team believed that the commercial sector held untapped potential. From our early days, we realized that real estate wasn't just about bricks and mortar but was fundamentally about forging and nurturing relationships.

Over the years, as we navigated through the ebb and flow of diverse market conditions, we expanded our toolkit. Our early adoption of instruments like 1031 exchange offerings, which include Delaware Statutory Trusts and Tenant in Common structures, became a hallmark of our innovative approach.

With every property acquired, managed, and sold, our reputation solidified. Today, we stand as a testament to perseverance, integrity, and excellence. Our extensive network in the commercial real estate community and the unwavering trust from our investors nationwide is not just our achievement but our responsibility.

As we look to the future, we remain anchored in our past's values, ensuring that every investment we make, every relationship we nurture, and every strategy we deploy upholds the legacy and vision that set us on this remarkable journey.

Meet The Team

What We Value

At CORE Pacific Advisors, we firmly believe that a company's foundation is only as strong as the values it stands upon. These guiding tenets not only shape our identity but drive our dedication to serving our clients with unwavering commitment and excellence. From the ways in which we communicate, to the long-term vision we craft for financial growth, every facet of our operation is a testament to what we hold dear. We invite you to understand the beliefs that underscore our every endeavor. These are Our Core Values:



Prioritizing honesty and transparency, ensuring trust in all our interactions and transactions.



Our team is committed to enhancing its knowledge, offering the best advice and strategies for our clients.



Placing our clients' needs and interests at the very heart of every decision.



Exploring new strategies and tools, providing modern and efficient investment solutions.



Managing and nurturing our clients' investments with care and diligence.


Relationship Building

Valuing long-term partnerships, fostering connections within the real estate industry.



Being agile in response to market dynamics, ensuring resilient investments.


Excellence in Communication

Keeping our clients informed and engaged, empowering them with timely information.


Long-Term Vision

Focusing on sustainable growth, prioritizing long-term success over fleeting gains.



Promoting teamwork, realizing that our best outcomes arise from collective efforts.

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